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Practice Areas

HMTD Law Office, LLC is dedicated to helping clients navigate the best way through their legal issues and tax matters. Each client is important and helping each client resolve their legal issues and questions is important to HMTD Law Office, LLC.
Below are just some of the areas of practice in which HMTD Law Office, LLC can assist you. To schedule a consultation, please call 952-248-4546 or email,

Tax law encompasses many types of tax matters and issues at the federal, state, and local levels, including business taxes, capital gain tax, employment and payroll, estate taxes, gift tax, income taxes, and other tax issues.

HMTD Law Office, LLC represents and assists clients with with a variety of tax matters, including tax filing compliance, payment/installment agreements, offers in compromise, tax court representation, and other matters.


Family law typically focuses on issues involving marital agreements, divorce, child custody, adoption, paternity, and and other family related matters. Family law encompasses many life aspects.

HMTD Law Office, LLC represents clients throughout court proceedings, collaborative law efforts, dispute resolution (including mediation and other early neutral processes), or in related negotiations and interactions. 

HMTD Law Office, LLC also assists clients in drafting antenuptial, prenuptial, and postnuptial agreements and representation related to those matters.


Estate planning involves planning for the health, wellbeing, and property of a person during their life and also planning for distribution of property after their death. Often, estate planning involves creating a will, trust, health care declaration, power of attorney, and other documents. Estate planning may also involve tax planning and medical assistance planning. 

Creating a solid estate plan is important for people with children of any age and for people without children. Having an estate plan is important for people with minor children, particularly for naming guardians for minor children and making plans for the financial wellbeing of minor children. Estate planning is also important for people with adult children, including in attempting to avoid conflict between adult children by providing instructions for when parents are ill or pass away. An estate plan is particularly important for people without children so that they have a plan for who helps them during life and for property distribution after death.
HMTD Law Office, LLC represents and assists clients in all stages of estate planning, including extensive consultation, document drafting, document execution, and estate plan review. HMTD Law Office, LLC also assists clients with medical assistance planning issues.

Balancing Rocks

Conservatorships and guardianships result from court proceedings in which the court appoints someone to manage another person’s financial affairs (conservator) or personal care decisions (guardian). They most often occur when a person is unable for some reason, sometimes medical reasons but not always, to make their own financial, medical, and personal decisions. Guardianships and conservatorships may be started privately within a family or through a county or agency and can range in duration from a short period of time to a longer period of time.

HMTD Law Office LLC represents and assists clients throughout the different stages of guardianships and conservatorships, including appointments, annual reporting and filing, and terminations.


When people die, their property, assets, and debts need to be sorted out. When someone dies with a will, there may be a testate probate proceeding, meaning the person had a will. If a person dies without a will, there may be an intestate probate proceeding. If there is a will, part of the probate proceeding is proving up that will. If there is not a will, part of the probate proceeding is proving up there is no will. Probate procedures are judicial processes that provide for the administration and distribution of a deceased person's estate.

HMTD Law Office, LLC represents and assists clients throughout the probate and estate administration process, including providing clear explanations of what steps need to be taken and why.


Trusts are legal entities created when one or more persons (or entity) holds property for the benefit of one or more other persons (or entity). Trusts are often, but not exclusively, used in estate planning.

HMTD Law Office, LLC represents and assists clients with trust creation, administration, and management. This representation and assistance includes providing information and advice regarding tax issues, trust accounting preparation, other issues and representation of trustees, beneficiaries, and others.



HMTD Law Office LLC represents and advises clients in other areas of law as well. Some of these additional practice areas are mediation (representation or facilitation*), arbitration (representation or facilitation*), business startups, general civil litigation matters, and real property transfers.

Heather M. Taylor DuCharme is on the Minnesota Rule 114 Qualified Neutral Roster for civil mediation, family mediation, and civil arbitration.

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